Dr. D’s Jazz Piano Method

Dr. D’s Piano Method is a two-book series intended to introduce intermediate level pianists to jazz piano style and the art of improvisation. Book 1 introduces the student to Major, minor, and dominant 7th chords, guide tones and comping techniques, swing rhythm, and improvisation on blues scales. Book 2 expands on the material introduced in book 1, introducing more advanced chords, chord-based improvisation, and walking bass lines. After completing both books in this method, the student should be able to comp or solo over any lead sheet in the Real Book and read and perform any basic jazz piano arrangement.

Although this book is still a work in progress, many students have already used it with great success. If you are interested in beta testing any of the lessons in the book with your students, please contact Leonardo Dugan at leonardodugan@hotmail.com.