Counterpoint meets multimedia! More of these to come!

The Decade Cycle: II. Forty One

Multimedia music/video composition. Text by the composer.

Sarabanda for O.M.

This Sarabande, originally for violin & piano, was composed in memory of my grandmother, Olga Marchesano (1916-2019). My dad, Charles Dugan, arranged, performed, and recorded this version for mandolin ensemble.

The Decade Cycle: I. Forty

Multimedia music/video composition, text by the composer.

Tam Lin (tone poem for jazz quartet)

It’s Not Me, It’s You

Kara Dugan, mezzo-soprano
Peter Dugan, piano
Composed by Leonardo Dugan, copyright 2012.

The Life and Death of Joan of Arc

Kara Dugan, mezzo-soprano
Peter Dugan, piano
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